MICHIGAN Automobile Insurance

It seems as though many people are looking for discount auto insurance in MICHIGAN and we’re here to help! People always make the assumption that certain auto insurance companies (some based in MICHIGAN) are the cheapest. Well that’s really not always the case and you truly need to evaluate all of your auto insurance needs for MICHIGAN before settling on one company.

Insuring your car or automobile in MICHIGAN is fairly easy, but what takes the time is finding the best insurance provider for MICHIGAN. You’ve seen many commercials on TV for a variety of “discount” insurance companies and they all claim to be the cheapest. Well they’re not all the cheapest and they vary by state – what might be cheapest in MICHIGAN may not be cheap in another state.

Michigan was the 26th state in the USA; it became a state on January 26, 1837.
The State Abbreviation – MI
The State Capital – Lansing
The Largest City – Detroit
The Area – 96,810 square miles
The Population – 9,938,444
The Name for Residents – Michiganders, Michiganians or Michiganites
The Major Industries – car manufacturing, farming (corn, soybeans, wheat), timber, fishing
The Major Rivers – Detroit River, Grand River, Kalamazoo River, St. Clair River, St. Marys River
The Major Lakes – Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, Lake St. Clair
The Highest Point – Mt. Arvon
The Bordering States – Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Minnesota (across Lake Superior)
The Bordering Country – Canada
The Origin of the Name Michigan – Michigan is from an Algonquian Chippewa Indian word “meicigama” that means “big sea wate” (referring to the Great Lakes).
The State Nickname – Wolverine State
The State Motto – “Si quaeris peninsulam amoenam, circum spice” [If you are seeking a amenable (pleasant) peninsula, look around you]
The State Song – Michigan, My Michigan