Top 5 Auto Insurance Companies

By | April 29, 2010

Amazingly Progressive happens to be one of the oldest auto insurance companies out there. They built most of their success on years of good reputation.

Now Allstate insurance company tends to have some extra value to their company. For example – when you have 6 months with a clean driving record, Allstate will actually you a physical check for 5% of your current premium rate. WOW!

You have to love Esurance’s unique marketing strategy – animated and green. I’m not aware of any other auto insurance company that really highlights the green effect.

Of course you know Geico’s Gecko and they have many programs that offer auto insurance at highly discounted rates. They also have a flexible payment plan if you need it.

State Farm
Their iconic red State Farm symbol is easily recognizable and the company was founded on practicality. They keep the auto insurance rates low and still provide the best coverage.